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"Her style is similar to that of Ed Sheeran, only with a bit more of an Americana feel and --obviously--female. Still, there is a sweetness and light to Sonali's music that makes it perfect for that happy-go-lucky kind of playlist. For as light as her music may be - there's no doubt that she can pack a punch with her latest single, Who We Are."
- Scott De Buitléir, Huffington Post"

"The EP, Wake Up --  drifted gently into my ears, charming me completely with its beautiful siren-song quality. Tender vocals lull you into the album with welcoming melodies that are as charming as they are innocent. Sonali can convey such deep emotions with such soft soothing vocals. Her ability to invoke emotion in the listener without having to bellow her lyrics or create a thunderous instrumental backing is something truly unique.  This album legitimately perks you up without getting you revved up."
Cherry Bomb, Gaelick

Released 02/11/2014; Stream here for free!

Who We Are

"Florida-born songstress Sonali‘s new video for “Who We Are” is heavy, but it concerns a couple of gay romantics enduring some serious family drama".

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